Unique Burning Mechanisms

Ways to burn $TNDR.

At, ThunderSwap we are always innovating and implementing many new features/games that allow us to burn $TNDR and fight inflation.

Buring Mechanisms/features Implemented:

Lottery ✅ - Portion of the winning are burnt

Wheel of Thunder ✅ - Portion of the winnings are burnt

Buring Mechanisms/features In Pipeline:

Tornado (Last bidder wins the pool) - Part of the pool is burnt

AutoCompount Vaults - A part of fees from the Auto Compound Vaults are used to Auto Buyback and Burn $TNDR periodically.

AMM -A part of fees from the AMM (Our Own Exchange when live) is used to Buyback and Burn TNDR periodically.

Apart from these, we might also do some manual Buybacks and burns from the deposit fees collected from Rain Farms and Cloud Pools.

(Initially, these decisions are taken but the team to evaluate what's best for the project at that point in time and these can change without prior notice).