Thunder Token (TNDR)

Thunder token is the fuel of the ThunderSwap eco system.

Token: TNDR

Contract Address: 0x7cc46141ab1057b1928de5ad5ee78bb37efc4868

Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20)

Emission rate: Starts with 1.1 TNDR and goes down to 0.55 TNDR with a 3% reduction every 12 hours till it reached 0.5 TNDR. (Auto Emission Reduction)

Emission Distribution: Initial Farm/Pools get 1 TNDR reward per block, devs get 0.1 TNDR rewards per block and will go down to 0.5 TNDR per block for Farms/Pools and 0.05 TNDR per block with a rate of 3% reduction every 12 hours.

Initial Supply: We did a fair launch with only 1000 TNDR minted and sent it to the Devs Address when the token is created to provide initial liquidity. (Update: These 1000 TNDR is already burnt check the transactions below)

Burnt Transactions for the 1000 Initial Mint:

You can view all burn transactions here: