Details on planned features, partnership and other cool things to get excited about!

More than a just a roadmap, this is also a task checklist that we want to complete. The priority depending on what we deem most important, along with incoming community requests and feedback.

Core Features in the Pipeline:

  • Lottery - (In-build burn mechanism from the pool) - Done ✅

  • Storm Pools - (Stake $TNDR to earn other coins with built-in burning mechanism) - Done ✅

  • Wheel Of Thunder - (Bet on color and win $TNDR with built-in burning mechanism) - Done ✅

  • Tornado - (The Last bidder wins the pot with a built-in burning mechanism) - Done ✅

  • Decentralized Exchange (AMM) - (our own exchange, to build a complete ecosystem) - Done ✅

  • Initial Farm Offerings (IFO) - (participate early in partner projects and buy tokens) - Done ✅

  • Auto Harvest & Compounding (Let your $TNDR do the work for you and earn big bags) - In Progress

  • Investment Statistics Report - (See a detailed breakdown of your investment / profits) - Pending

  • Loss-Less lottery (Stake $TNDR for the lottery ticket and get a chance to win the lottery pool, if you lose you can simply withdraw the staked $TNDR - no losers only winners) - Pending

  • More Features in Planning - details coming soon!

Other Features, Partnerships and Tasks:

If you have some ideas of how we can improve ThunderSwap, then please reach out to us on our official channels and we will strike some Thunders together!

You can also send us your feedback via our Investor Feedback form.