Wheel of Thunder 🎰

Thunder version of group roulette wheel. Test your luck and win $TNDR.

Wheel of Thunder lets you bet on a color using $TNDR and if you are lucky you win $TNDR. Go test your luck now.

Wheel of Thunder

How it works:

The game consists of 3 colors (Green, Black & Yellow). Players bet on a specific color by depositing TNDR's. As soon as there are enough participants and the minimum total amount is reached (200 TNDRs), the roulette wheel starts to spin (a minimum of two players is required).

Minimum:1 TNDR per bet / Maximum: 50 TNDR per bet.

Winning Probability:

Depending on the color you choose, the odds of winning and the associated winnings will vary.

By betting on Black or Yellow, you have a 48% of chance of winning and you can leave with up to 192% of your initial bet.

If you decide to bet on Green, then this percentage is 4% but if you win you pocket the money placed on the Yellow and Black colors and the Jackpot.

Winning Distribution:

Once the total amount is reached (200 TNDRs) the wheel starts to spin and the game is over, those who bet on the right color will leave with up to 192% of their initial bet taken from Black and Yellow pots.

The winnings will be distributed proportionally to the amount invested, for example:

Case 1: If someone has invested 50 TNDRs on the Yellow color and another person has put 25 TNDRs on the Black color, and Yellow wins, then Yellow will win up to 192% of his invested amount. In this example, Yellow would win 50*192% = 96 TNDRs but since the total available amount in the pot is only 75 TNDRs, then Yellow winnings would be 75–4% = 72 TNDRs

Case 2: If someone has invested 25 TNDRs on the Yellow color and another person has put 50 TNDRs on the Black, and Black wins, then Black will earn up 192% of the amount of his contribution. In this example, Black would win 25*192% = 48 TNDRs. Since the amount in the pot is 75 and Black won 48 TNDRs, the remaining 27 TNDRs will be added to the jackpot.

Case 3: If two people have put 25 and 50 TNDRs on Yellow and another has put 50 TNDRs on Black and Yellow wins, then the winnings will be distributed equally based on the starting bets and they will respectively win a third and two-thirds of the pot up to 192% of their initial bets. In this example, the person who put 25 TNDRs would win 41.66–4% = 39.99 TNDRs and the other person who put 50 TNDRs would win 83.33–4% = 79.99 TNDRs.

Case 4: If someone has invested 50 TNDRs on Green and loses then his money will be stacked for the next round in the jackpot.

Case 5: If someone has invested X (any amount) TNDRs on Green and wins, then he will win the amount stacked in the jackpot + the amount bet on Black and on Yellow minus 4% fees.

Case 6: If two or more people have invested X (any amount) TNDRs on Green and they win, then their winnings will be split according to their initial investment.

What is the 4% burn Fee?

The burn fee is used to burn the TNDR from winnings and send it directly to the burn address (Another way to fight Inflation while having fun.)

You can view all burn transactions here:

Note: the Wheel of Thunder is in the beta phase and please use at your own risk.

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