Initial Farm Offerings (IFO)

Initial Farm Offerings for upcoming projects!

Buy new tokens with BNB. A portion of the IFO amount collected will go to buyback and burn $TNDR!

An Initial Farm Offering or IFO for short, is a way for projects to promote and launch a new token into the market. By offering the token to other project / communities via an IFO they are able to increase adoption at launch and build more liquidity for the project.

It's a great opportunity for ThunderSwap token holders to participate early in a project, whereby usually you would have to join a presale of some kind!

How to take part?

To see details of upcoming and past IFOs, visit the Initial Farm Offerings (IFO) page on ThunderSwap.

Read the IFO information to clearly understand what the project is about, how to take part, when the IFO starts, also what tokens are required to stake and buy the IFO tokens.

Any project listed for IFO on ThunderSwap will include links out to the projects own site and community. So be sure to check these links and do your own research (DYOR) before participating in any IFO!

Before the sale:

  • Buy BNB

  • Wait for the sale to start.

During the sale:

  • While the sale is live, press the Buy button and input the amount of BNB.

  • Confirm the transaction in your wallet.

  • For Min and Max contribution: see IFO details.

After the sale:

  • Claim Your Tokens or if the Soft Cap is not met you can claim your BNB refund.

Disclaimer: at ThunderSwap Finance we do our very best to partner with legitimate and trustworthy projects that meet our strict IFO criteria and safety standards. However Crypto / Defi markets and projects are considered high risk investments. Always do your own research (DYOR) into any project that you invest. You are responsible for your own investing strategy, and should manage your own risk. Only Invest what you can afford to lose!