Cloud Pools

Earn $TNDR for staking other token

Cloud Pools allows you to earn $TNDR with other tokens that you already have.

Simply stake the coins you already own in their respective cloud pool and you will start earning $TNDR with respect to the total pool's staking balance.

Cloud Pool Interface Example

Deposit Fee?

Cloud Pools will have a 4% deposit fee for staking different Tokens.

There is no deposit fee for the following pools: TNDR pool

What is Deposit Fee used for?

The Deposit fee is initially planned to be used in one of the following ways but not limited to are:

(These can change at any point of time without prior notice)

1) Fund Storm Pools.

2) Fund Lottery/Wheel of Thunder and other games/features that are going to be added.

3) Use to get Partnerships/Listings/Audits etc.

4) Fund the Platform Development to further develop this platform and add new exciting features.

5) Marketing/Promotion etc.

6) Manual Buybacks and burns if needed.

Note: Initially, these decisions are taken but the team to evaluate what's best for the project at that point in time