ThunderSwap launch is going to strike some ⚡ Thunders!

We did a fair Launch for everyone!

  1. Farming will start at block #5950800. Estimated Target Date: Wed Mar 24 2021 00:01:29 GMT-0400 (Eastern Daylight Time) on BscScan.

  2. Before farming starts, you can deposit to farming pools, but no rewards will be generated.

  3. Dev will pre-mine 1,000 TNDR for liquidity pools setup.

  4. Initial liquidity will be added for TNDR-BUSD by the dev before the farming starts.

  5. Follow us on Twitter and join the Thunder Swap Announcement / Thunder Swap Group or upcoming updates.

Initially, launching 12 Rain Farms:

  • TNDR-BUSD LP (40x Rewards)

  • TNDR-BNB LP (24x Rewards)

  • BNB-BUSD (5x Rewards)

  • USDT-BUSD (4x Rewards)

  • USDT-BNB (4x Rewards)

  • ETH-BNB (6x Rewards)

  • BTCB-BNB (6x Rewards)

  • DAI-BUSD (4x Rewards)

  • BUSD-USDC (4x Rewards)

  • DOT-BNB (6x Rewards)

  • CAKE-BNB (2x Rewards)

  • CAKE-BUSD (2x Rewards)

Initially, launching 12 Cloud Pools:

  • TNDR (10x Rewards)

  • BUSD (2x Rewards)

  • BNB (3x Rewards)

  • USDT (1x Rewards)

  • BTCB (3x Rewards)

  • ETH (2x Rewards)

  • DAI (1x Rewards)

  • USDC (1x Rewards)

  • DOT (2x Rewards)

  • BSCX (1x Rewards)

  • UNI (1x Rewards)

  • CAKE (1x Rewards)